Told him to email, is it over or is he slow?

Did a trial of a dating site. Started talking to a guy..he initiated. He always left a while between emails sometimes a week. Anyhow he messaged me asking if I want to go out. I answered him back that sounds great but that my time on the site is about to run out so he should email me instead and I gave him my email.

Sometimes he has taken this long to respond but it has been a few days. I mean he did ask me out and I said yes so I don't know why he would just cut it off and not email me. My profile was removed 2days ago...


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  • Leave it a few more days. He may have a crazy job which has kept him busy, or at this time of year might just be spending loads of time with family etc.


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  • He may just be very slow at responding, I know I don't check my email all to often and that's the same for a lot of people, but if ya don't hear from him, I would just leave it at that and find someone with better communication.