Guys - when it comes to texting?

Do you NOT respond back to her on purpose? Just to drive her nuts? Or, IF you do, you wait HOURS in between responses?

As for how you act in person, you're silly, goofy, tease her ( A TON), happy to see her, remember silly things about her, get jealous or worried if she talks to other guys etc.

But texts? She has to initiate everything with you only occasionally answering.

What gives? WHY do you mess with us?

And I know for a fact that he texts other people, even other girls. Why won't he text me yet act like he likes me in person?


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  • Maybe he is a busy fella. Sometimes when I'm busy I totally forget to text and sometimes my phone roams and I miss the text altogether. That is the first scenario. However, he could be trying to mindf*** you as well to get you to think about him. Basically he acts interested, gives you fun times, and laugh with ya then he takes it all back. This can get you hooked to him like a drug if you like him because you will start to feel that every time he is around you, you will be happy and when he's not, you will feel lonely or not the same happiness with someone else, thus making you think about attraction technique that even women do sometimes ;) If it is the latter answer, be careful because its working already...that's y you're here. And if it is, don't respond back until he does, that way you can turn the tables on him

    • I usually don't respond until he does. I try and wait awhile but sometimes I text back after only a few minutes only because I was asking a question and needed an actual answer. I notice that he'll respond right away if I compliment him. So strange.

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    • Do you guys do this consciously?

    • depends on the guy honestly, some guys like to play games and some are afraid of coming across as needy so they show they like her but don't wanna chase toooo much so they back off...but it does help to attract both genders because you miss the happiness you shared with that person


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  • Personally, I just get really busy.

    THere's this one girl I really like, who's messaged me a few days ago, called me yesterday, and messaged me again today, and I have yet to respond to them (I know I'm on this site typing this out... >_> but its during a work break)

    When I'm at work, with a friend, with clients, studying, volunteering, having/making dinner, I do not look at my phone out of principle to not be distracted.

    It just happens to be a side effect that this drives girls to think about the guy ;)

    But hey, there is a mating game that must be played. If she ain't thinking about me, then I'm not doing something right.

  • i know when I text anybody I am very forgetful to check my phone. I will lay it down in a second and it will vibrate without me noticing. when you hang out with him in person see if he has a ringtone for a text notification. You cannot go on what he does with or without texting you. If he likes you he will talk to you. as for being in person the guy may have a crush on you or may just be a nice guy. as for initiation of the conversation if you like him INITIATE IT! keep him intrested in the conversation by any means. just don't be overly abnoxious about talking like your a stalker

    • No I don't do anything obnoxious. 95% of the time that I see him in person, he is extremely goofy, will happily respond to my text IF I'm in the same room *wtf?* especially when we can't sit next to each other. He also will tease me to no end. There are even times that I will be sitting quietly by him and some other girl is trying to flirt with him and he will turn and start teasing me and being goofy with me. That's why I am so confused. I don't get why he does this!

  • I was in your situation, but I'm the dude. >_>

  • Some people deliberately wait to answer your texts, I dont' know why they do this

    personally if I get the message and I have something to say I just reply

    but our society is REALLY weird, people do really unusual things so it doesn't surprise me if he's timing the responses

    but that's fine let him be an idiot, you be a grown up and answer it if you have time when you get it


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  • You will notice that most girls are hooked to their phones and have them on them 24/7, guys are the complete opposite...