How often do you talk to your girlfriend/boyfriend?

Just curious- how often do you talk to your significant other?

I only like to use the phone (no texting). If I call her too often it seems we have nothing to talk about. So we sometimes go for a little longer between phone calls so I don't come across so desperate.

What's your take?


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  • Well I spend most of my off work time with him lately because I've had a lot of vacation days. But if we're both working pretty consistently the same days [but totally different hours usually], then we don't see each other as much and get in like a quick phone call and/or Facebook message in a day. If he's off and I'm at work, he can call me from a friend's phone and we can have an actual conversation because my job allows for it. But if he's at work and I'm not, I have no way of getting ahold of him, but he wouldn't have time to talk anyway because he's a cook in a busy kitchen at one of our local restaurants. I dunno, we make it work.


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  • were not dating but talking

    like an hour like twice a month if were not busy lol

    long distance realtionship

    we text everyday, its been 2 years

  • I talked pretty frequently with my ex boyfriend. I'm on the computer pretty often so we'd talk on AIM a good amount and not like constant talking, just whenever we had something to say. Neither of us were big on talking on the phone so that was a rarity, usually it's just awkward pauses. I guess don't over do it with the calling since that could get annoying. Why against the texting? I think it's cute when a guy texts me even if it's just a 2 message conversation. It means he's thinking of me.

    • Texting is so over-rated! It's impersonal. I love the sound of her voice.

    • That's cute :]

      If you see her pretty frequently I guess you don't have to call too much

  • Text all day. FaceTime at night. And see each other at least once a day haha.

  • We talk nearly everyday. It just depends how busy we are. We make a goal to talk everyday unless stuff is going on.


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