If he says he wants to meet you tomorrow?

Just started talking to a guy online, it went well, he seems normal and I found out he's legit. We were kind of flirting and bantering. He said "so lets meet, tomorrow". Does he really want to, was I supposed to tell him a different day instead, could he be interested, or just trying to get laid? We weren't talking about anything sexual.


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  • Make sure to meet him in a public place wte you do! Just to be sure he is not some weird guy or something. And no there is nothing wrong with you saying yes to his suggestion. Just be careful with people you haven't met yet. There is security and then there is fun. Make sure to think of both :p Well anyways with that being said have fun but don't always agree with his suggestions, make sure you alter things to suit your needs too :) And if he just wants to get laid just say "it was nice to meet you" and make sure not to meet with him again. Don't let any guy or girl take advantage of you :)

  • Well, if you just do things in public places and don't go back to his or yours, I guess it's fine. But maybe you need more time to get to know his personality better.


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