Which guy should I choose?

Guy A: I've liked him for awhile and I dated him 2 years ago and he is super sweet and cute and funny but he can sometimes be a jerk he got mad at me for not kissing him ( when I wasn't even dating him) people say that we would be a cute couple but I don't know he also got mad when I moved on because he liked someone else.

Guy B: I've secretly like him for quite a while but so did my friend she told me that she is deffinatly over him and for me to go for it me and him went walking and it was amazing he put his arm around me an held my hand I love being around him but people say he is a player and a cheater but I don't know he is really sweet and amazingly cute. Who should I go with?


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  • Neither sound brilliant to be honest. From what you put, I don't think you really like guy A - you seem to be making a lot of excuses as to why you shouldn't go out with him, and what's more, they seem like pretty good reasons not to choose him. I mean, he actually got mad at you for not kissing him... that doesn't sound like the kind of guy any girl should have to put up with! Plus, you went out with him before and things didn't work out... OK, so in 2 years a person can change a lot, but do you really think he's changed that much that things will be better this time?

    As for guy B, you seem to really like him, so I'm tempted to say just go for it and ask him out. Your friend has said that it's fine, so as long as it's more than a couple of weeks since they split up, I think you don't need to worry too much. However, you might want to consider why they split up? Was it because he cheated on her, or just because they didn't get on? If he's cheated on someone before, there's a reasonable chance that he'll do it again. Ok, so everyone makes mistakes once in a while, and maybe it was a one off, but if lots of people have evidence that he's cheated on more than one girl, then that's not good. Do the people who say he's a player have any proof or do they just not like him so they've made these rumours up? If they have proof, then you could still give it a go, but don't be surprised if you end up with a broken heart a few months down the line.

    So if you really want to pick one, I'd say B, I think that's who YOU want to go out with, but if you do, be careful and don't let him play you. Alternatively, you could just wait for someone better to come along. The choice is yours really :)


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  • follow your heart , but cheaters ain't nice :o

  • Personally, I wouldn't go with either of them. The first guy sounds like a douche, and it would be wrong to go out with a guy that your close friend is also into. It's best if you find another guy.


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