What's your definition of casual dating?

In my mind when someone says casual dating, I think hook up. What is your definition of it.

Thanks guys for your input. I always thought people that said casual dating meant casual hook up. Being from a different country, I can say dating in the US is 10X harder and more complicated. There are so many rules I just don't understand. At least now I am a little closer to widening my understanding


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  • casual dating is the polite term on dating sites for nsa in my books

    and it is just the same as 'just looking for fun'

    many men wouldn't like to admit it but this is what it means

    meet someone no pressure and sex then move on it's a simple as that !

    'casual dating' or 'friends with benefits ' or 'f***buddy' implies this too

    where they can as you term it 'hook up' for a good time say goodbye and maybe meet up again for the same dish with no pressure if it does happen again.

    most guys know women don't normally like this deal so make sure whenyou meet someone you know exasctly which little box you are defined as saves a lot of future heartache

    how many men /woman have strung someone along ...knowing they just wanted 'casual' when infact their other person thinks they are your 'boyfriend' or 'girlfriend' status but that's a whole other debate

    cheers S xx


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  • Casual dating means no pressure, just enjoy ourselves. If it works it works, if no, no ones gonna cry over it.. : ) also it defines the difference between being exclusive.and being nonexclusive.

    In other words, if I go on a date with two different women in a weeks time it's no ones place to disapprove, and visa-versa.

    Casual dating does not mean hook up or sex..

    That would be casual sex..

    Casual dating is only for the mature. If you have low self worth or self-esteem you may not be able to handle it.

    • musician137- excellent answer, and I agree. Sex doesn't have anything to do with it and if there are expectations of it, then you're not being honest with yourself or the others involved, because what you are looking for is casual sex. If that's what you want, have the balls to say so. Otherwise, to just want some company, go out, have dinner once in while or other activites, whatever you are both interested in doing together, that is what it is for, w/out the hassle of a committed relationship

    • Wow I am so happy I asked. Because being from a different country, where dating rules don't really apply, I was finding it hard to date here. I thought Casual dating = Casual Sex and I am not into the latter.

  • casual dating is like practice for real dating. or a relationship where you and a partner have sex and hang out per-se.

  • To me, its hanging out, no pressure, having fun, and maybe no strings attached sex. If you know your going to have sex with that person every time you meet, its casual sex. The thing that both have in common is your free to not see them anymore. No emotional attachment .

  • it means nothing to have to live up to, you can take it or leave it, you no worried about having sex

    just to be out with a woman no big deal,and if you both feel like it you can have sex if you want.

    other words no pressure which I like. No strings no control on ether side. and she doesn't have to eat like a bird worried about having sex later. LOL

  • It doesn't necessarily mean hook up. I think it means that most of your contact is doing things (as opposed to hanging out at home) whether it be dinner, shows, events, etc. . . I'd say that intimacy would be a part of the relationship but not necessarily every time you see each other. The biggest factor, to me, is that it isn't an exclusive relationship but that certainly doesn't mean it isn't respectful and working for BOTH parties. Not everyone can be happy dating casually.

  • dating where there's no pressure its more of a whenever works thing

  • A date with no expectations,play it by ear.

  • For me it means wearing jeans and t shirts.


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  • I thought it was trying out a relationship, but there isn't a lot of commitment involved (you can casually date more than one person). May be wrong though,