Would it be weird to invite him to my small party?

I'm gonna have a party bus, but I'm not sure if I should invite the guy I like. I'm not sure if he's just into me for sex or if he's genuine. I know he wants sex, but I don't know if that's ALL he wants. It'll either be 25 people or 50 people. We don't really have the same friends, so if I do, should I ask him if he wants to bring a few friends?


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What Guys Said 1

  • Yeah, invite him, why not? I would honestly assume good faith on him, too, that he wants both sex and you as at least a friend, and probably a friend, unless he's expressed otherwise, which opens up the doors for you to express otherwise, and if he has expressed otherwise you should believe him.

    But yeah, invite him. It's your party, you should have the boy you like there. And tell him to bring a few friends, yeah. But make sure you make him and his friends feel comfortable, introduce them to a few of your friends, etc., so that they don't just hang out with each other all night, no one wants that.


What Girls Said 1

  • I'd invite him definitely. I'd tell him to let me know if he wants to bring some friends though. If you give him an open option to bring whoever without your approval to a party then he could end up inviting 20 people that don't always fit into your plans.