While kissing, what exactly do you do with your tongue?

It may sound stupid, but I've never kissed. I think the guy I'm seeing and I are going to get there soon tho and I'm very nervous about it.

So what exactly do you do with your tongue? Do you like move it around his tongue in a circle?


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  • My boyfriend and I actually don't use tongue very often. Most of the time it's just lips. He loves really soft slow kisses, but it depends on our moods at the time. Lip sucking can be really nice too. It will really kind of depend on the guy (or girl lol) you're kissing. Some don't like tongue while others use it all the time. Don't be afraid to put a guy's tongue back in his mouth if you don't want it lol. So I guess I can't really answer your question if you want to use tongue because I don't really :P


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  • Well if you're anything like my girlfriend in bed... you can just let your tongue lay there while I work hard with my tongue to stimulate it. Don't worry about moving it around or anything, just let it lay there. Same with sex, she apparently thinks that just laying there is what you're supposed to do.

    • are you being sarcastic?

    • Yes

    • then what am I supposed to do with my tongue?

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  • The other answer made me laugh, but really do not do the circle thing...or lay there lol. I think with some practice it will just come naturally. It's okay to be nervous, and I doubt you will have to use any tongue to begin with anyway.

    Other than that, I don't know what to say. Everyone kisses differently, and he will teach you. That could be pretty fun! hahahaha...ahhhhh xD