Big girls: do you feel that you get discriminated against wen it comes to dating? Do you feel that it's bad?

Is "size-discrimination" real? Or is it just something that is made up?


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  • I think that it's real but whatever, if someone is not willing to date you because you're a larger girl then that's their loss. Their woman will probably gain weight after popping out a kid or two anyway and let's see how those guys feel in the next 5 - 10 years. It really makes me angry that so many people are shallow and think that looks based on your weight is everything. Besides who's to say that they, the guys, will actually remain skinny for the rest of their life, I'm pretty sure that they would still want someone to want them regardless. It's sad that it happens but there are a lot guys out there that don't care and see woman for who they really are and not just their dress size.


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  • yeah size discrimination is real, but that's something that as a bigger girl I've come to accept, everybody has the right to want what they want, but if guys would take a litle time to get to know somebody for thier personality instead of just forming opinions about people based on looks regardless wheyter its for dating or just as friends

  • its definitely real. I've actually had guys tel me that I was really nice and pretty, and that they would date me if I lost weight. some guys can just be jerks.

  • Yeah you get discriminated against. It's much harder being big than it would be to even have a nice body and an ugly face. Most guys don't like big girls, I'm sorry to say. Ask anyone who's gained or lost a large amount of weight they will tell you the same thing.

    • There's plenty of guys, including yours truly, that like 'em.... plenty of guys 'chase the chunk'...

    • Really? That's cool! You guys must be in the minority though cause it's hard out here for a thick chick lol.

    • Hard out here for a thick chick... you go to the right places, it won't be hard at all for you....

  • realler than real..why do you ask?

    • Just wanted to see reactions from big girls on this subject....

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    • That's what I thought. just checkin' cuz.

    • Ya- it's just like nethng else... ya got options, girly...

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  • I like "big girls" myself. I prefer them for a date/girlfriend

  • Most guys don't like big women. I don't see the problem with that. It's human nature.

  • The word "discrimination" does not necessarily imply unfairness or inequality.

    In its simplest form, "discriminate" simply means to take a careful choice. We could say you are a "discriminating shopper" if you visit several stores to find the best price, or items with features you prefer.

    So if someone doesn't want to date anyone based on that person's appearance or behavior, that means they're a discriminating dater. If you don't want to date smokers, or criminals, you are discriminating against them.

    If some guys want to discriminate based on appearances, that's their right.

    • Agreed 1000%

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    • BBYGyrl: Why should I be ashamed of stating a medical fact?

      According to the National Institutes of Health, "a combination

      of dietary factors and sedentary activity patterns accounts for at least 300,000 deaths each

      year" from obesity.


      Most overweight or obese people eat too much, and move too little.

      Nice try, but next time ensure your argument has a valid point.

    • Damn, you know, even with you're little evidence "WISEman", you still sound like a complete idiot. Though that medical fact may be right, you forgot to mention some of people's weight is generic and is passed down through DNA...some people are actually just big boned. I am at a healthy weight, so its not like I'm saying this because I AM a thicker girl, but thicker girls can be just as hot as skinny one's and for you to try and prove a point on this, must be either stupid or ignorant.