I may be an awful person, and did I ruin my chances with him?

Met a guy online, he wanted to meet like ASAP and I guess I agreed, don't even know why because I hate online dating. My gut was telling me bad things and not to meet him. Plus it was f***ing freezing here and I had to take the train to see him and he is a virtual stranger and something just was telling me not to do it.

So I cancelled less than 2 hours before, telling him something came up.

I just had to do it. It was like my fingers auto typed the message that I can't go. I just knew I couldn't. My instincts have never failed me before and they tend to be quite sharp with these things.

He said it wasn't cool cancelling so close to the date (I know, it wasn't) and that if I want to meet it's up to me to reschedule.


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  • Well if Ur instincts say no then don't...and obviously U're not comfortable with the terms on which You met or interacted...U're not awful so don't ever think that...and he'll live because You didn't do anything to him... Its a whatever situation...one that You should say..."Oh well" and move on...spoiling your chances with him? Do You even want one? ...Ur safety and wellbeing matters and comes before any ominous vybz swinging guy... You are better than most that don't trust their gut feeling which is by the way NEVER wrong so good job.. Just let him "gwaan bout him business"..but try to practice not to be caught up like that...it was better You let him down from the get go than the last min..but he won't die and U're too sympathetic that's why You feel so bad about it... It doesn't matter..he isn't fragile he won't break and we all know what disappointments are...so that's that...hope You let it go and kick that stupid guilt...its not worth it..about that second date...if You don't want to...JUST SPEAK UR MIND!...and forget the guilt...most times they really feel nothin... #chow


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  • It always depends of his self-love and self-respect, his neediness and if you can find the best excuse of all time. Personally, if I was him, I wouldn't give you a second chance, not for a 2 hours-before cancellation. However, if I was really convinced that you had a legitimate reason for that, maybe I would. Moral of the story, if you want a second chance, better find the best excuse of all time, or forget about him.


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  • You didn't do anything wrong. Your safety and comfort is important, and should never be compromised to make a strange guy happy. He'll get over it, and (most importantly) you get to live your life un-mutilated. Lovely, right?