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We work together, have made out but he's kinda shy & I want to flirt with him but I can't do it openly at work...would it be OK to send "its really cold today...too bad you can't warm me up here ;) I want to be suggestive & cute without being too sexual. Guys would that creep you out or turn you on a little?


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  • You've made out. Its not excessive.

    • Wait what? Yes but I slept over his house but didn't sleep with him & he totally respected my decision. Instead we held hands and he made me breakfast in the morning. So the text is not excessive is that what you're saying?

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    • Ok cool, thank you! Exactly what I needed to hear

    • So we were in the kitchen with other co-workers and he couldn't take his eyes off me, we were pretty much flirting with eyes (You know the look & he was smiling) so a few minutes after we parted I sent the text just...all he wrote back was "Ha" How the hell am I supposed to take that?

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  • i'd love that.(: I'd take it as an invitation to go for another make out session or more(:

    • Cool, thanks!

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    • Sorry to keep bothering you..but one more update. A bunch of us co-workers were getting together to go play paintball on Saturday. Both me & him were signed up to go & we both KNEW one another was going. I tried to go but my train got stuck on the way there & I had to bail. At the time we were all supposed to meet I get a text from him saying "Why aren't you coming?" I told him why & that was it. Why the hell would he care if I was going or not? Is that a good sign?

    • definitely a good sign. shows he has been thinking about why you aren't there. add me as a friend so next time I won't have to go through all the past ten comments wondering who this person is

  • Well if I liked the girl, I would have sent her this text already "It's really cold today, I think I should warm you up" ;)


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