Dating an older man

I started dating a 30 year old and things are getting serious fast. really fast. he already asked me to marry him. The first time he asked me was after we did... sexual things together. Do you think he ment to ask me to marry him or just got caught up in the moment. Something eles I should mention about him is he has a fear of being alone for the rest of his life and in his blog he writes about how much he wants a family and thinks it may never happen for him. I want a family and to get married and he might be the one for me but what if its too soon? I don't want to say no to him and regret it. what should I do?


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  • Don't rush into it. If you aren't ready to be married and have a family then don't force that upon yourself. He might also be rushing into it because he wants a family so badly and he is afraid that it isn't going to happen for him. Those aren't the right reasons to marry somebody. Don't make a decision to fast because even though you are afraid of saying no and regretting it, what if you say yes and regret it? ... take your time and make sure that you do what your heart tells you is right.


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  • This guy has issues. He has self esteem and self confidence issues. I would be very concerned and would definitely back up!


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  • Take a step back. You said he has a fear of being alone and things are getting serious really fast, go slow. If things are meant to be then it can work if you don't marry him right away.