Why doesn't he take any initiative towards us hanging out?

This guy and I have known each other for a bit over a year, and in the past few months we have been talking constantly, and I will say, I really really like him. He flat out told me one night that he really likes me and he is constantly saying all these cute things to me and we are just being relaxed and chill towards our situation. its nice that the fact that we both like each other is out in the air.

I would think that he would want to hang out or go and do something every now and then, but he almost NEVER asks me out to go anywhere or to just chill. What's up with that? I've learned my lesson in pushing someone over the edge, so I haven't said anything about the matter, and I have suggested doing something every now and then but he almost never goes through with it. why...? we spent new years ever together at a party and ended up sleeping facing each other and its obvious we both like each other. what am I doing wrong? what can I do to gently get him to be a bit more aggressive towards our situation?

He makes me really happy, and I'm OK with a laid back relationship :) just one where we get to see each other :P


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  • "we spent new years ever together at a party and ended up sleeping facing each other and its obvious we both like each other. " ! That should never ever ever happen! You should both wake up spooning or half naked or something. We have to fix this girl.

    First of all if he won't meet you halfway go to his place. Watch a movie or something. Sit close. And please make physical contact. He seems to be shy (and a tad boring but that doesn't bother you so its OK :p) so wake him up from his sleep! Hold his hand now and then from no where. (What guy would find that weird since you girls do all kind of things we think is weird every two hours or less it seems) . Physical contact! And don't go for the first kiss, that's definitely his job :p

    • haha thank you so much! if all else fails, I'll live :) it would just be nice for this to work out, I'll try out your tips for sure!

    • I really think that he is just a bit shy and don't want to surprise you by doing anything , thinking you don't want to be in a relationship with him. Yeah some guys are just weird like that :p


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  • you aren't doing anything wrong, he's just reluctant to move his ass lol. honestly, you need to remember that a relationship is a two way thing, and if he doesn't want to ask you on a formal, or whatever, date- then you should ask him. end of problem xD

  • Sleep with his best friend. I am just kidding don't take that seriously. If the guy is not making a move there not much you can do. You can try showing more interest in having an intement relationship, but being kinky in your text. This will give the green light. If he still doesn't do anything, he is weird and stay away from him :(

  • probably doesn't want to be in a relationship... it happens.


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