Is it normal for me to prefer men who have a good job? because other women my age don't seem to be care.

OK, I am in my mid-20's and still in college...however, I make quite a bit of money for someone with no degree (especially for a college student). I know a few women my age and a little older who are in the same situation, but for some reason don't seem to care at all about the employment situation of guys that they date.

I am not even looking for someone with a great job. I would prefer someone with a degree...even if he is still a grad student or something. If he is out of school, I expect a full time job. I work full time and go to school...he should at least work 40 hours per week.

Honestly, I am not even concerned with the money aspect and I am not looking for someone to pay my bills or buy me lavish gifts. I want to go on dates occasionally...and I like it when the guy pays, but he doesn't have to every time unless he wants to.

Mostly, I just want someone who is hardworking and somewhat successful. He doesn't even have to have a great job, he just needs to have one. Is this selfish or shallow on my part? Other women make me feel like it is.


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  • no it's not selfish imo. I'd prefer to be with a woman who has a job and isn't waiting for a handout or trying to play me as a sugar daddy. when we go out it would be nice if we both had a little cash on us just in case, not just me covering everything.


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  • judging someones pottential because they have a job or not is shallow, you should follow what qualities they have as a person, because, even if he earns thousands a week, he still might be a total loser, and then that makes you lose out, so judge people on who they are, not what they do, because this is what will get you that man you dream of, good luck,x

    • Am not judging them based on how much they make. They don't have to make thousands a week either. They just have to have an okay job.

    • Ok, but the world economy is becoming even harder for professionals to maintain a job, so if you meet someone who is out of work, your claiming your interest would deminish, do you think this is a fair observation of someone who tries but just can't get a job. I know what your saying has a possitive out look, but by putting a stereo type to your type, does this not make you shallow, because surely people are worth more than the job their in regardless of what that would be,

    • Ok, yes. I see your point. I was unemployed for a year and ended up homeless. I definitely know what it is like to look and look and try and try and still get nowhere. However, I now live in an area where as long as you have a good job history, you can get a job.

  • Completely normal. There is nothing wrong with wanting a hard working man.

    Other women get stuck with dudes who are so f***ing lazy they never leave their house and play games all day long. Wanting a hard working guy is totally normal. Who the f*** are these other women who seem to think it is selfish or shallow? Clearly they are.

  • No, this is not normal. We live in the year 2011, not all men can have good jobs. If you want men to have good jobs then leave your job and give it to a man. If you won't do that then just shut up.


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  • no its normal to want that in a guy you want to know he is not lazy that he is smart and won't depend on you for money and won't live off of you for the rest of his life and that he can take you out for dates some times when both have free time its not normal if you don't care and your not being shallow your being smart and unselfish I think so any ways