My cousins... Why are they doing this?

So I went to my uncle's house a month back. he has two daughters. they are 20 and 21. we had gud chit chat when I stayed there. I find myself a little more mature then them (im 25 rite now and take them as growing up girls). we had gud time. they ddnt have such interactions with boys before as they studied in girls college etc etc. after I came back, one of them started sending me text messages and wants me to chat with her all day long (even today). she even sent me some bold texts and picture msgs. the other started to call me on phone after few days and wants to talk to me (even today). they are hiding this thing from each other too (my guess). I dnt give them gud response but I dnt want to be rude as well. I'm shy enough and I don't think its appropriate as they are getting involved in me and I have no feelings for anyone of them. what exactly is running through their mind? what do they want and what shud I do?


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What Girls Said 1

  • They could be desperate in wanting a male/mate/boyfriend.


    They could also be trying to trick you and play a joke on you..


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  • They finally discovered boys and hormones. Talk to them like family members and eventually they'll branch out and start going after guys who aren't family. Make sure that if they send you "bold" texts and picture messages that are over the line you respond with something stressing that you're family and it's wrong.