Why do men need several relationships?

Why do guys feel the need to have several relationships and claim he loves them all? It's been almost three years and all he can say is will you wait on me. I really don't understand why he just want decide what makes him happy whether its me or not and move on.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Well I don't have a need for several relationships. I do have a folder filled with many glorious gems (all over 18, of course), and I can't be content with looking sometimes at just one because each is so unique and special that they all deserve their moment of visual glory.

    The difference is, I'm not stupid enough to treat real people like a fine art gallery (yes, its not actually p*rn - I don't believe in the imaginary), but the primal drive for it is present in every male.

    Even since ancient times, powerful kings held their own harems. It is the primal nature of the species. It is no accident that the threesome is such a popular fantasy.

    I would like to point out however that the term 'relationship' does not figure into any of this :)