Girls, do you ever initiate contact when you are interested in a guy?

I know everybody is different but I've always thought girls initiated contact with a guy they're interested in but now I don't know. The girl I'm interested in never contacts me, yet will always reply to my messages etc and is always friendly and nice when we hang out. We've been out a few times so it's bothering me a little that she doesn't ever seem to contact me occassionally. We don't know each other that well but she doesn't seem that shy when we do meet. I'm out of a 4 year relationship so this dating game is alien to me! Should I be doing all the chasing or is she just playing games?


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  • Well it honestly depends on the girl. I personally want to be pursued. In the past, I have almost always been slightly aggressive when I have wanted a guy and was interested in him. But now that I'm older, I kindof want to be chased and pursued. My guess is she likes you, but maybe not as much as you her... or she wants to be pursued. It is also quite possible she is keeping her options open and doesn't want to give you the wrong idea.

    By the way, I feel your pain. I was in a series of long relationships and have been single for awhile. The dating game is so frustrating! Good luck!


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  • i do, see nothing wrong with it

  • If I like a guy and it's clear he is making an effort and likes me back then I will make an effort too.She may just be being polite (not like you), or she may like you but just know you will text first so she doesn't bother. Maybe try not texting her for a day or two and see if she makes an effort to text first. Good luck

    • I agree, if she doesn't seem to text back then maybe consider her behavior being polite and that she is not interested in pursuing a relationship with you.

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