Suppose a guy has never had a girlfriend and he is several years beyond when people start dating, what to do?

I have never dated before or had a girlfriend or anything. I don't know if this hurts me or not, I want to flirt I really do but I don't want to seem like a bad guy. I just don't know if I am in bad shape for no experience and being shy?


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  • You sound like me (used to be). I was a late bloomer; I didn't start dating until my senior year in H.S. I was determined to graduate and not getting pregnant. Most of my GFs at this time either got married and/or have kids, or dropped out of school. May I suggest instead focus on your education and get good grades, attend college, have a job/career, have $$ in bank, and vise versa. The right woman will come when you're least expect it; I gurantee it.

    In the meantime, it won't hurt starting to eat right, stay fit, join school/community activities and enjoy the life God gives you; we have only one life after all.

    Being dateless or girlfriendless doesn't make you a bad; person or old-fashioned; you're just being particular knowing what you want in life. Go get it. Take good care.

    • I already graduated college though and I am in grad school now, high school feels like it was a long time ago now.

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  • be kind, nice, helpful, smile. listen to her...

    • That is all it seems easy but then it is hard when I have to talk.

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    • the confidence comes from the only place the inner within -YOU. You're worth it; don't ever don't yourselve! Always have faith in yourselve.

    • The few things I listed, shows confidence :-)

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  • maybe read books

  • you have no cofidence first of all... id say workout, you don't have to do lift weights just like run lose weight just try to look good

  • Just be willing to fail and be resilient about it, Disassiciate from the outcome. They're just chicks. They get PMS cramps, periods, and smell when they don't shower. They're people, too - they just like to complain more than guys and have a flair for the dramatic.