Guys, what does his text message mean?

Guys, girls. anyone who can answer this. I have a friend who's been a friend of mine forever. We made out twice since Xmas. Once we were drunk and I kind of pulled him toward me and the next time he totally swooned me on new years and kissed me which was cool and all but then the next time we hung out after he dropped me off he decides to text me asking where I stand.

conversations is as follows:

him: I don't want things to be awkward when we hang out so I just want to know where you stand?

me: I'm totally crushing on you but I can get over it if you need me to. sorry if it seems awkward I just don't know what to do about it.

him: No. It's cool. I like you. I just want to chill and have some fun. I just don't want you to expect anything from me. I'm cool with taking things as they come. does that make sense?

Me: yeah. I'm not in a place to be expecting anything from anyone right now which is why I can get over it if you need me to.

him: No don't get over it unless it's what you want. I'm just used to being alone.

Me: OK I wont. I'm not trying to be all up in your koolaid but I do like spending time with you.

him: good. me too. :)

OKAY... so. I don't know how to take this guy.

I know his heart was smashed by the girl he dated last and he and I have been really good friends for a long time...

so I'm just wondering if he's just trying to let me down easy or if he's just protecting himself?

can anyone offer insight?


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  • sounds to me like you guys should stop hanging out and start dating like food,coffee,a movie something serious moments like that message should be said face to face that way you guys can truly understand him texting you first means a lot though did you make the first move because if you did he might think you came on to d=strong but if he made the first move when you guys meet that means he likes you so much he can bear for you too see him acting emotional.


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  • ok here it is he likes you for sure but he does not want to promise anything just in case it leads to nothing more than friends with benifits just be mindfull of that and you should be fine and have a good relationship

  • Sounds like he's just protecting himself. He sounds unsure and hesitant to commit but definitely interested

  • well he told you what he thought your thinking to hard...


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  • He is interested. And it is as it sounds. Don't think too hard. He like you a lot. He really do. But he has been alone for quite long time that's why he is scared if he get committed he might hurt you and lose you and your friendship or what you guys have. So don't over think. Give him time and see where it leads you both . Good luck ! :)