Have you ever truly given up on the opposite gender (or the same gender)?

For whatever reason, have you ever said to yourself, "That's it, I'm done", and completely given up on dating and things like that?

If yes, and you are comfortable sharing, what made you give up and decide the single life was better for you? Was it a bad relationship or particular experience?

If no, what is it that keeps you from giving up? Have you met anyone that's given you hope, or would you just prefer not to give up?

Thank ya.

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  • No, I always keep trying.
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  • I say I'm done, but I always go right back at it.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Yeah, after my first break up I was devastated. I went through all the that sh*t, of blaming myself and eventually hating my ex. It's just that I was so depressed and hurt, I never wanted to go through it again. Isolated myself from family and friends, turned to a complete nerd and kept myself busy. When I got bored of studying, started working out (helped a lot). It just removed all my anger and frustration. Took over 2 years for me to get over it. I guess time and gym helped a lot. Now I just don't invest so much emotion into my relationship, also my perspective of break ups has changed. I guess this is called being mature. Hope you never go through it though, or anyone for that matter.


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What Guys Said 3

  • Nope, because of the simple reasons that I'm not attracted to men and I haven't date all women in the world and not all females will be the same so with that being said I will always be optimistic terms of dating the next girl.

    I meet people each day that give me hope in their own unique/special way, so with that only fuels my optimism/positivity to keep going.

  • I've taken long Hiatuses.. but I've never had a periods where I had just given up. Like Phoenix, it was for the simple reason that everyone is different. I had seen relationships work out, and knew it was possible.

  • I've given up on actively bothering, but I'll still befriend and such and if something comes of it, cool. Whatever happens, happens imo.


What Girls Said 3

  • I say that alot..every time I break up with a guy..I am like "That's it! I have had it!" And low and behold, a few weeks/months later, I am right at it as if nothing had happened...It's of course normal to feel like that right after a break up because you just need a break from it all, but after a while, it gets tiring being alone and seeing couples together..

  • I don't think I could. I love men too much :)

  • yep. after a series of bad relationships. I'm done. I'm going to focus on myself and my needs and whatever happens happens