Guys, is it a big deal if a girl you like has a really sensitive sense of touch?

what doesn't help things is that I'm also very inexperienced in dating etc :/ I have only gone so far as kissing and even then those were without tongue. thing is even what guys in general think of as little things can feel really good to me. like when holding hands with a guy and he strokes his thumb over the top of my hand :D feels so good. if he keeps doing it as we hang out I have lost my train of thought before and I'm like "im sorry what?" :P the guy that happened with thought that made me weird, did not go over well. then again I told that story to a guy friend as we were laughing over weird dating stuff that had gone down and he thought it was cute, he wouldn't have been weird about it. what do you think guys?


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  • Not a big deal to me, I'd get around it.

  • I would find it extremely cute and not weird at all. And the same thing happens to me when I'm touched like that too.


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