Bad First date kiss, try it again?

I had a first date with this guy that I met. We talk well with each other. Good communication but there is no attraction. In the date we could talk for hours but when he came to kiss me, I felt gross, sick. And when he dropped me off, he kissed me and tried to be playful about it for a minute but all I could think of was when it would be over and how bad he smelled to me (he didn't have poor hygiene, just his personal smell to me was bad). When I think about it now I want to throw up and when I hear from him I feel gross. But he is a nice guy and I can actually talk to him but the attraction and the kiss was really bad for me. Should I give it another chance? or end it before the second date?


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  • You know, personal odor is affected by personal diet. If you eat like a ton of red meat, manufactured foods (cheap, fast food) your body is going to stink.

    This might be true for him. But it isn't your place to confront him about it really. "you stink" is pretty offensive. I'd suggest just saying "I'm not interested."

    Your call though.


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  • Nah, it doesn't seem like it's worth it.