When a guy continues to call you, does it mean he is interested?

There is this guy who I began talking to for a few weeks. During the time we talked, I'm scared that maybe when we hung out, I maybe messed up or did something or said something to upset him. A few days after we hung out, he still texted & called me. Its just, these past 2 weeks now, he has not called me or texted me. I don't know! I keep blaming myself, but then I remember that he still called me after we hung out, so does that mean I didn't do anything to upset him?


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  • I think he likes you, lucky you, what possibly could you have done though to upset him . . .

  • don't sweat it, he could be busy or something. Worst case is he lost interest in you but either way if he wants to find you then he will.


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