Text him or not text him?

So me and this guy I was dating broke up and he has my clothes. He told me he was going to mail them to me, but that was almost a month ago. We haven't spoken since. The last time we talked to each other, I pretty much said we were never going to see or speak to each other again. Which its been like that since. I am getting antsy on not having received my things and I want to text him about it. I kind of want to wait a little bit but I don't know what that would solve. But I also want to do it now because I'm impatient lol So should I text him or not?


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  • All you can do is try. I tried to contact my ex about my things he flat out ignored me then later after like 3 times of contact. He acted really pissed off and mean when I just wanted my things.

    • did you ever get it back? Why was he so pissed off?

      Same thing is going on here, he won't give me my things back, its ridiculous.

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    • He has quite a bit. I think its more than just a game. I believe its deeper than that it seems. I stop all contact, he will not see my number come up on his caller i.d. I will just stay away when my ex is ready to grow up he'll contact me.

    • right, I'm all set with the childish games.


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  • why not ask your mutual friend to get it from him?


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  • yeah I just left my stuff at my ex's. a pair of shoes, a towel, clothes. who cares.