Why do I seem to find girls that only play games?

I honestly can't spot somebody who likes me, or somebody who seems to want to date, I find a lot of flaky girls, girls that ignore me even after I though they were interested, girls that lead me on. I don't know, I can't find good genuine women these days men.

What is it so hard to find somebody to date who I like?


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  • all you have to do is be upfront with your intentions from the beginning with a girl. when you meet a girl tell her you find her attractive and ask her on a date or tell her you are attracted to her and want to have sex. most guys don't make their intentions known upfront. and that's why girs play gameans. if you tell a girl what you want from her in the beginning she can either accepts your offer or deny you...but she can't manipulate you because you put your cards on the table. all women know what guys eventualaly want: sex. so if you say you want them early on then they will say yes or no...if they say no so what if you get rejected that's their loss and you'll feel better bout yourself man and after awhile you won't mind it. never take rejection personally. plus youd be surprised how many women will say yes and will hook up with you or date you.

    that way they can't play games as you say or manipulate you. trust me it makes sense and it works you'll never be taken for a fool again or get hurt. plus it shows you have balls and courage which all women love.

    • I don't know the problem with being too upfront is that you run a very high risk of getting labelled desperate.

    • or a creep for that matter. I mean I appreciate your advise, but is that actually true? Women are very judgmental bro.

    • i adopted this attitude years ago and has overall changed my life for the better man. do me a favor read a book called "mode one: let the woman know what you're thinking" by alan currie you can get it online or order it through barnes and nobles or wherever its a cheap book and quick read talks all about what I'm saying just trust me man and no it doesn't make you look desperate. I use to think that til I started doing it and women ironically wil respect u. good luck.


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  • Here have you met these girls? That could be the problem. What do you usually do with these girls who lead you on? Does a bond form and then they drop it, or do they just flirt and then leave?

  • Honestly, it goes both ways. I can't find a genuine guy either! No one that actually wants to date or be happy. I literally get stuck with all of the a holes.. I guess you and I both have to keep looking and just wait


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  • I dunno.. The trick is IMO, to not be too available or easy for them. Girls play hard to get all the time, and you may have to do a certain point.

    Some girls are just really bad that, and some are more likely to behave like that and take advantage of you/ lose interest, depending on how you behave towards them.

    Don't be creepy, clingy and over bearing, and never be the one that initiates contact all the time. Also at one point, you should ask them out (if you're interested in dating them)t or they lose interest eventually.

    Just make sure you have confidence and self respect for yourself, and know when to move on--it goes a long way.