Guys, what would you think if a girl kept asking you to hang out?

There's this guy that I have a lot in common with, but we rarely see each other... I want to spend time with him, but don't know how many times I can ask without being ridiculous, especially since we really don't know each other well. So far I have only asked him once, but he couldn't make it. I guess I should state that I am inviting him to do something we both enjoy (fishing) and I'm really cute (or so I've been told)... hope that helps. :)


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  • Some guys might be a little put off by the girl setting up the actual "date". You might simply tell him that you'd like to go fishing with him sometime and to let you know when a good time to go would be. That way you let him know you want to spend some time doing something you both like while still letting him be in control of when and where. Or you could be more direct and simply say...

    "When are you taking me fishing?" and then just smile at him and give him a bit of a nudge. Shameless flirting? You? Never... *grin*


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  • well, don't do something that's gonna make you look desperate or needy, so next time you ask, tell him to give you a ring when he's able to make it, and let him know you think it would be fun, this allows the excuse to give him your number, and he has no excuse as to why he don't ring, unless of course, he just isn't interested, good luck, x

  • Just ask him again next time. If it's an inconvenient time, ask him when he can hang out. Ask for his number and or give him yours. That will make it easier.

  • i suggest you don't ask him to any places that seem as "dates" ask him to help you out with something I can't really think of the top of my mind but something like come to one of your friends houses (kinda dateish) or to the mall to help you pick something out.. I don't know ha ha but if your cute there's no reason you need to worry about this. just ask him again I'm sure you will be sucessfull =)

  • WOW

    this is difficult

    not even sure I have the answer

    but will guess

    If a girl kept asking me to hang out

    I think it would mean she wants to hang out with me



    she just really wants to ride a giraffe and eat mac&cheese with a guy who is not me

    I don't know


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