How can I be myself in front of my date?

So, I have an awesome personality. I'm totally outgoing and friendly, to the point where people always know when I'm not around. I get tons of texts when I miss a day of work, mostly random people telling me that they miss me and that the office is too quiet. I'm funny and I'm unafraid to embarrass myself so I'm the life of all the parties..

except when I'm around guys that I like. Then even though I try, I can feel myself becoming more subdued and generally not as funny. The thing is, I'm pretty sure all these guys get attracted to me for my personality (my face isn't particularly beautiful... I'm not ugly though), and I can't seem to show the real me on dates. How can I feel more comfortable with guys? Any suggestions?


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  • Don't over think it too much.

    Just ask him questions getting to know him more, and respond with honesty yourself. Don't be someone you're not. That's how you can be yourself.


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  • just remember he's a person, just liek you