If my situation were your situation, what would you do?

I hooked up with a guy that I've known through work for about a year during winter break. We realized that we had both had mutual crushes on each other while we worked. But I was about to leave for college two hours away so nothing could come of it really, but he did say he would date me if I came home for the summer.

We've texted on and off since then, but he doesn't text me frequently. It seems like I will start the conversations slightly more often than he does, but up until a couple days ago we'd texted about every other day since I left. He says he'll come visit me here but he hasn't tried making any solid plans and I was the one who proposed that he come.

I don't know, should I hold onto this? I feel like he isn't making a huge effort. I know he finds me attractive, but perhaps my definition of crush and his are two different things.


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  • Move on


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  • I feel I know you

    and I feel you already asked about this

    and that you KNOW the answer

    • I'm pretty sure you are thinking about the wrong person as I have no idea what you are talking about. However, feel free to direct me to this person's question if it actually has useful answers that can help me.

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  • Nah I don't think it's worth it