Have you ever lead someone on conciously or subconciously?

I really like this boy and he flirted with me gave me his phone number. He was also always talking about if I was single and that we should hang out. He would go to the library when I was there and recommend books to me and ask personal question. We became like school firends not yet into friend zone than he got a girlfriend and didn't tell me. While this was all happeing he wasn't single, I found after they broke up that they had dated. So I was thinking if he was my friend. why didn't he tell me you know that he was dating someone else, I would have been okay where just frineds. So have you guys ever done that or has it been done to you. And if you have lead someone on why?


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  • Consciously. Once. And I will never do that again, ever.

    But I think he was trying to get with more people at the same time, and he went along with whichever was successful first. But these relations possibly won't last for too long, as there isn't really a connection there. I think they're called "rebounds", most commonly.


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  • He probably didn't think it was that important or he didn't want to brag about it