Guys: If your girlfriend asks you to hang out, but you would rather hit up a party with your friends, why lie?

I asked my boyfriend if he wanted to hang out tonight but he said he had "to much work to do before the weekend" but it turns out he wants to hit up a party. I'm fine with this but why lie about it? Esp when since we're not hanging out I plan on going to the same party (we have many mutual friends.)


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  • Depends on what kind of guy he is.

    Like if he was known to be a flirt/player, it's likely he wants to have fun with other girls.

    If he has been considerate of you, he might not want to make you mad that he wants to hang with friends instead of with you. Guys need space and sometimes too much of your girlfriend can get suffocating.

    I don't think it's bad to lie about it, he probably doesn't want you to think too mug about him partying, because girls naturally start thinking the guy would do stuff with another girl at a party.

    If you seem like the type to overreact, he might lie to you to prevent trouble in the relationship.

    You should probably ask him. But don't sound like you're mad.


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  • Ooh, if he's going to lie about this so minor, he'll very likely lie if anything more significant comes up. What you wrote has raised a large red flag to me.

  • so he doesn't make it seem like he would rather go to the party then spend time with you.

  • He probably didn't want to hurt your feelings.


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