I just wonder if he likes me and if I should even date him?

Long story short I moved to a new city and I haven't really wanted to mess with peoples like history and lives but there's this kid... He's super sweet and funny and one of my best friends and his brood friend has convinced me we should start dating and won't let it go, now that the idea has been like put out in the open I can't stop thinking about it... When he's around me and my friends he mostly talks to me and my friends say he just stares at me but I don't know what to do... Help?


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  • Lucky you: You are the girl and not expected to be the one to ask him out. Let him take the risk ;)


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  • Thats a tricky situation.. I say you've got him in the bag, if you like him, show that feeling by talking to him more and etc. I think you should go for it :)