What's something sexy to say through a text message?

I want to make my boyfriend REALLLLYYY miss me! I'm seventeen and my boyfriend is out of town this weekend, things to say?


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  • "Im not going to lie baby! I really miss you, I want to kiss you and pull my hand through your hair, push you against the wall and feel your heartbeat. I want you to want me. Your baby"

    • Lmao girl. Thanks for making my comment the best :P :) I love that message too, I don't have a boyfriend at the moment, but I sure as hell plan on using it on him whenever he comes along ;)

    • Ikr! Haha he's gonna be like damnnnnn girl I need to get home to you! I'm excited;) thank uuu

    • Please let us know what he responded :D


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  • Hmmm this is a toughie, Maybe, " Hi, hope things are going well, it seems such a quiet and very large place here now you have gone, can't wait for you to get home already lol, as you might of guessed, I'm almost miwssing you lol, " because if you admitt to him you miss him, he is more likely to admit to you he also misses you, so create an emotional pull and he will have you on his mind all the time he is apart from you , good luck,x

  • I'd answer but you gave "best answer" away within 15 min of asking...

    ...ur quality of answers stagnates once you do that.

    Just giving pointers to help you get the most out of this site. :)

  • My panties are soaking wet.


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