Which guy would you date?

1: Smart, he's a runner (very in shape), high pitched voice, and sometimes annoying, blond hair w/brown eyes big nose, quietish/outgoingish, 3 years older.

2: Smart, plays basketball, very sweet, tall, looks nerdy, big nose, great personality, quiet, one year older, brown hair w/blue eyes.

3: Smart, swims, acts a little gay at times, obsessed with Taylor Swift, 2 years older, blond hair w/blue eyes, very outgoing, kinda heavy, eye brows are really pointy lol, parties alot, his best friends are 2 girls that are sisters (1 is his age, the other one is a freshman in college) .

My friends and I are arguing over which one would be best.

#1 has liked me for about a month. #2 has loved me for about 2 years. #3 has liked me for 3 years. #2 says he's in love with me. lol
#2 has a deep voice...#3 talks likka girl sometimes (of course) lol


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  • Option 2 sounds really really good to me.

    • That's what I think, too..and this question should have gone under the dating category.. If you don't mind me asking, what do you admire the most about option 2?

    • Well I happen to love nerdy guys myself, I'm a quiet person myself so it will be nice to have someone around that's not this loud person. I'm also a sucker for brown or black hair and big noses are actually really cute on guys. And he's smart! That's honestly like such a good deal for me!


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  • #2 . I say that because he actually has true feelings for you

  • number 2 because the first one's voice I can't deal with that and the third one's obessed with taylor swift which is odd

    • OMG. I agree about #3..everyone thought he was gay..until he confessed that he likes me...lol

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    • rotfl I would've died

    • Yesss! hahah I did,

  • Get over yourself.

  • 2nd

    • If you don't mind me asking, what do you admire the most about option 2?

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    • Thank you so much for your helpful advice and wise words! And yes, I gotcha(: