I forgot to thank him. Should I do it now on FB, or just forget it? Please help!

There's a guy at work that I really like. I know, not the best place to have a crush, but I can't help it!

One time when I was in on my day off, he came up to me and said that if I could buy him a coffee (he was tired because he was up until 4am the previous night studying - there's also a coffee shop in the bookstore we work in), he would buy me a sandwich from a place he knew that made the best sandwiches. This was before Christmas, and I finally got the sandwich yesterday. I was so excited though, that I don't think I ever said thank you. So we're friends on Facebook (I added him, if that makes a difference) and since I'm not going to see him for a week, I thought I could write something on his wall like "I just realized that I never said thank you for the sandwich. So, thank you. It was delicious, and well worth the wait. So anytime you need more coffee, you just let me know. I'm sure we could come to some sort of deal... :-)" Or something to that effect, haha

I've been getting mixed signals from him, so I don't know how he feels, but I don't want to make him feel uncomfortable or anything. Should I do this, or say something less... flirty? Or should I just drop it...

Except that I DON'T owe him a cup of coffee... I bought him the coffee first, and then he bought me a sandwich in return. It was a trade-off thing


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  • If its bugging you, go ahead and let him know. If I was him though, honestly I probably wouldn't of given it a second thought.


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  • Try saying this, "I think I owe you a cup of coffee. I'm free this _______...


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  • Yes. That sounds good. "I just realized..."

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    • Sorry, I just wasn't sure why you put the "I just realized..." part in there. Thought maybe you were trying to point out that it sounded phony or something, haha

    • No, not at all. I was just saying that entire sentence sounded good.

  • No you should go for it! Not much you have to lose.

    • At update, you are making wayyyyyyyy too big of a deal. Just thank him, end of story.

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    • No, it isn't.

    • It isn't too flirty and suggestive, you mean?

  • No, say: "Thanks for the sandwich! I enjoyed it. I owe you coffee so lets get it _______"