Is this girl using me! Am I a rebound guy??? (HELP)

Okay thursday this girl sees me holding my phone and asks for it and puts her number in it. This girl apparently has been dating this guy for a month and a half and he broke up with her over the phone because he moved. At night she texted me saying how much she's crying and all that and we kinda flirted towards the end after I made her feel better. Okay so the next day she texts me at 8pm out of nowhere telling me that she's at the movies and wants me to come right now. I was like wtf. I text back saying I can't you should of planned it with me. I call my friend and tell him the situation and he tells me to not believe it your the rebound guy. He knew the girls ex more than me I only knew him for like 2 weeks but it didn't matter because he moved. Then she texts me 30 mins later asking if I had the chance would I have gone. I say if you mean it but I don't know I have a feeling your using me, you just broke up with your boyfriend yesterday and now today you want me to go to the movies with you. Then we got into this big arguement and stop talking. She was with two other chick friends of her not by herself. Man highschools so much drama can you guys help me out please? Oh and by the way I met this girl at the beginning of the year but we never really talked until these last few days


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  • yeah id stay away... there is nothing good that's gonna come out of that relationship. you already blew what was there so, just go on with life I guess.

    • Im not trying to start something with her I just wanted to know if using me was her intentions

    • Yeah it was from what I can tell..

    • Thanks dude


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  •'re a rebound guy.It's fairly obvious.

  • Go out with her and have fun, just don't get seriously involved. Realize that when you get into a fight or break up, she's going to be picking up a new guy the same way and getting over you.


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