Why do nice guys always get burned so god damn hard?

I save a guy's life by calling the police when he texts a friend of mine with a suicide note. He responds by spending the next month hitting on my friends saying he will cut himself unless they sleep with him to make sure he's OK. Tonight he did it to three of them and I restrained myself at throwing him out the door.

The girl I've liked for a few months was there. He'd been hitting on her, they were friends and she was a bit distraught, I knew she liked me to at least some level, and she started kissing me and holding me tight. I (wanting this to be a relationship and not some hookup) held her for a while, kissed her, but walked the douche bag depressed guy home. I come back to find her gone.

I discovered just now that she hooked up with an ex of hers, the first guy she'd ever had sex with. We'd been dating for two weeks now, I had hoped to actually be boyfriend/girlfriend soon. No chance now.

I have never been this furious. It seems whatever good I do or try to do bites me hard. It was all I could do to keep from beating the sh*t out of this poor depressed bastard. What in the name of f*ck am I doing wrong?


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  • Turn evil. It works better. No seriously if she wanted something more from you she wouldn't have left with a guy like that. You don't want that kind of girls... And also there is this possibility that she didn't do anything with him, maybe they just walked or something. Talk to her tomorrow and see what happened.

    Also stop caring about depressed people so much. You can only do so much to help a person. Let him help himself. He is not your responsibility. You should be furious with yourself that you left a girl for a guy... seriously.

    • The guy was threatening to kill himself. The party was at the ex's place (along with 4 other roommates, most of which are friends of mine), they hadn't been together for years and she knew he had JUST slept with someone else. She didn't answer her phone and she was alone with him in his room for at least an hour before I stormed off in disgust.

    • Let him kill himself who the f*** cares. No one else but you obviously. Now I'm furious at you for losing a girl like that man. Of course you must have made the ex jealous by kissing her at his own party and what not. And its enough that she has a bit of feelings for him. It could even be that she used you to make him jealous...


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  • It sounds like the guy is just seeking attention. As for the girl, you are probably better off. You deserve someone who isn't going to leave you to f*** someone else.

  • That guy sounds like an extreme manipulator and the girl sounds like an a** (sorry)... A lot of times the good guy gets burned, but don't worry, just stay the good guy and the positive results will start showing up.


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  • Funnily enough, I used to be a good guy. Embrace your bitterness and just cast all morality out into the street. You don't need it. Once I would've done anything to save this world. Now I'd sooner watch it burn.

    Become sick, depraved, twisted, and care for nothing but yourself. Use people as much as possible.

    Trust me, it works.

  • Call his bluff. This guy sounds like he just wants attention as in female attention.

    • I am from now on trust me. I'm more fuming at myself because I know had I stayed I would have been with this girl who is probably one of the hottest girls I've ever met. Her best friend even came up to me and told me she's going to light her up for this, but it does me little good.

    • Yeah good that guy sounds like douche. As for the girl she could of eventualy did the same thing to you down the road and it could of felt even worse for you, least you know pretty early on she would do that.