What to do with this girl?

i met this awesome person in a music class and we got a long really well. she opened up and got comfortable really quick. we continued to talk and it was at the point where we were talking everyday phone text fb skype and hanging out making time to see one another. she was head over heels and even told me she loved me but I said I know that takes guts but I don't quite think we are there yet and then all of a sudden she just poofed and disappeared. last text I sent was when she said she was going to have a rough day tomorrow so I sent her a text that said "hey just thought I would say good morning and hope you have a great day" she replied with :):):) good morning! :):):) you're up early and this was at 645 am before she had class and I went for a run then I never heard back from her for this past week. I think ill give her a call tomorrow and say hey Haven't heard from you in a bit thought id see what's up and to call me back. now if I get a call should I play it off like nothing happened and if she brings it up see why this happened? I gave her plenty of space to contact me when she felt like it I believe and I don't want to come off as needy but still show I care...idk just weird that this happened any suggestions?

so I called and left a message sayin hey haven't heard from you in a bit just wanted to say hi call me back now to wait :P
Well she hasn't called yet...Anyone have some suggestions? I don' t want to come off needy or a prick but to me not even having the decency to reply with anything back after everything makes me wonder how I need to get through to her. I care about this if she doesn't want to continue us at least have the decency to tell me and NC.
ok lol I jumped to conclusions ha ha got a text from her today saying good morning she got her phone back finally and apologized for falling off the face of the earth for awhile and that she hopes I have it in me to forgive her


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  • Just do the call thing. I don't know why she would bring it up. She'll probably be flattered that you are thinking about her and will appreciate hearing from someone. She probably had a hectic week and maybe something even happened that's giving her a hard time. A call will do the trick and you won't come off as needy. You'll come off as being caring and that's a very sweet characteristic.

    • ya its a diff relationship here I'm 21 she's 18 and when she would get busy id give her space do my thing and let her text me she usually followed through she lives with her rents and her mom even texted me sayin they took her phone ha ha she also has this annoying ex too that treated her like crap and for some reason is still in her life and she can't see that he's an a**hole to her they broke up and he was like I don't know what I want to do I just don't want to be with you and I want to be with this other gir


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  • well maybe she was waiting for you to text her back because she sent you the last text and you never answered her

    • i did when I got back from running sent her a text never got a reply waited a few hours and sent another and nothin from her since then

  • She told you she love you. You said you are not there. You also told her you want intimacy not a relationship. How should she feel.?

    • i understand what you are trying to point out...im looking for something like a relationship minus the title before I leave to avoid the break up part :P we've honestly only been talking since thanksgiving

  • After the call you should sit down and talk to her if you want a relationship with her or not.

    • well I've told her I'm not looking for the relationship title and that id want to be with someone who I can be intimate and have fun with since ill be leaving soon for berklee school of music

    • Well, I don't blame her for distant herself. She prob. wants more. Since you dont, she doesn't want to get hurt. Its good that you told the truth. I wish I can get the truth from my friend.

  • Yeah that's weird, it's good you called her back though, let us know what happens :)


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