After a date do I keep going or stop?

I met the girl I wanted to meet in a party by walking up to her and being ballsy and telling her I wanted to meet her. I walk with her a bit after the party, all very nice, she gives me her number. After several tries, later that week we went just for drinks. She cancelled twice, I didn't stop, it eventually happened. I ask her out on a date that same night she says yes. Date happenes a month later because she left for Xmas break. We go out on a date which was great, she goes to a party after the date and doesn't invite me. During the date she says she wants to go out on more dates and that I am doing fine, even touches my hand when she said this. She shares personal details, laughs. Two days later I text her to do lunch she says she cant, but she never offers alternative. I have always been the one to start conversations except for once. Do I keep going after her or do I stop because she's not interested?


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What Girls Said 1

  • Does she give valid excuses for backing out? I wouldn't worry about her not inviting you to the could've been an awkward situation since you just met...


What Guys Said 1

  • OK you can start ignoring her now. You're too soft imho. You should've told her off the first time she cancelled (esp if it was for no reason). Now she already has you on a leash. Ignore her for a while and watch her panic and look for you desperately.