Does he like? Does he?

This question is duplicated like 20000000000 times a day on here. When will you girls grow a spine and confront him about it?


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  • Or

    "He stares at me. Sometimes 6-8 hours a day. Does he like me?"


    "He bought me a Ferrari and took me to Paris. Does he like me?"


    "He said he wanted to take me out next week. What does he mean by that?"


    • I cannot believe how clueless, scary, and self-centered they can be lol


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  • It would be nice if more women did make the first move. So much for that feminist movement. Men and women are equal right? So women should start asking guys out more often now :).

    • Women usually want to be equal only when it benefits them

    • read my answer :D --->

    • I like that answer, when it benefits them huh. It's funny I was thinking the same thing, some people just ask clueless questions, it's like come on!

  • im sure your looking for a girl to ask: does she like me? does she?

  • To be fair... guys do the same thing.


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  • I fell for the elder brother of my classfellow. I told my friend and she told my classfellow. He went to his brother and told him. My classfellow tod me that his bro said that I had to ask him myself. I didn't what him to find out acctually but when I found out that he did then I had to do something. So one day I Marched in his class in break, with all his friends around him, and I asked him if you could come outside for a second. When we were outside I asked him if he wanted to go out with me and he was like yes :D I am a really unconfiedent person so this was like huge for me. and PS: he's elder than me :O imagine you went into his class all alone and asked him out?

    • You're awesome! See what happens when you get out there?

    • I know! its so amazing :D I realized then that THIS is the better way! Now I'm totally confiedent to start conversations with people in the bus or on the street. I love it! ^_^

  • Hey, if we didn't work together, I would have done that already. For now all I can do is obsess, haha

    You do realize you're asking this anonymously, Miss "when will you girls grow a spine". A little hypocritical, don't ya think? What are you afraid of?

    • B/c I don't need a bunch of hatemail, lol. Lazy girls suck