Has this ever happened to anyone?

could a relationship go from dating, to just friends (like actual close friends), and then to back dating again?


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  • In relationships, almost anything is possible if the two people want it to be. There are some scenarios that are much less likely but the one you describe can happen if the partners change over time which can happen.


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  • I hope so, because I think I might be approaching the middle of this theory right now

    • what happened to you?

    • I met a girl and hit it off with her one night but for whatever reason didn't get her number. A couple weeks later she found and contacted me and we began to talk alot. Eventually we went out on an awesome date but for whatever reason things never went anywhere further. We're going out as a group with two other friends of ours next week but no dates. It seems like whenever I try to ask her on one she can't (she's always busy). I don't think she's looking to date anyone right now but who knows

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  • My boyfriend was my best friend first. The only real change was we show affection to each other now, where before we just poked fun. I'm not sure if it could completely go back to the way it was before, but considering the nature of my relationship, it probably could.

    Not knowing more about your (assuming it is yours) relationship makes it hard to judge if it is possible for you or not, however.