Would you date a person who says it is their job to make the plans and initiate them not yours? Guys and Girls?

I E asking you out. getting angry if you ask them out.

Asking if you want to do things. getting angry if you ask them.

Saying they will call you. getting angry if you call them.

deciding when to send time together getting angry if you decide.

making plans for the two of you. getting angry if you make plans for the two of you.

etc, etc,

Would you date such a person. Why yes or Why no?


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  • i don't mind who is making the plans.. really!

    i never would get angry.. just to spend time with people whenever I got nothing to do is a great thing for me in life

    if I ask a girl and she gets angry when I make the plans um.. never had that before

    • if you -did- 'have that' is the question.. Would you spend time with her if she got angry with you...& Only on her terms, on her schedule?

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    • Then I really give her the no I don't have time for you even if I do have time.. She would be takingvcontroll of me and that's what I don't want

    • I agree.


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  • No. A relationship is a two way street and this guy has to be in control. That causes problems on so many levels and in my experience they don't tend to compromise or change how they operate. I would get away.

    • No, I agree ;) I would not date someone like this. I am not asking about a guy. I am asking if you would date someone like this. And you would not?

  • no I would not, because I don't want a one-sided relationship

    • I agree.

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    • I don't think in terms of 'manly' or' womenly'. I think in terms of respectful, rational, dignified, fair, strong, compassionate-or 'not'.

      I'm not sure if you were asking me a Q or if it was a rhetorical statement. I don't use a masculine feminine scale to judge the conduct or behavior of a person. It all comes down to having the awareness & consideration to use your strength(physical,emotional,intellectual,spiritual) consciously, towards respectful ends..And to recognize when its just selfishness

    • well a lot of people say that guys have to lead the relationship, be the dominant one

  • no, why should the entire weight of the relationship rest upon one person's shoulders?


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  • the relationship revolves around the girl in this society. if he doesn't do all the work, someone else will... so let him.

    let us take our place on the pedestal as prized comedumpsters/sex objects.

    feels good..

    • So you are saying him ordering you around- would be OK with you? You would date someone like this?

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    • i guess "letting him put in most of the effort in the relationship" went over your head. it's ok

    • Prized sex objects? you mean sex slaves? If you feel good about yourself being that way id say.. Get a life