Blind date tomorrow.....?

So, a mutual friend set us up on a blind date. We made plans for getting dinner tomorrow night. This is my first date in a really really long time after getting out of a long term relationship. So I'm nervous as it is, but it being a blind date makes it so much worse in terms of nerves.

I have so many concerns, what if I get to the restaurant before he does? should I get seated first? or hang out in my car until he gets there? what if I don't recognize him? what is there are silences...?

any advice would be appreciated. Thanks


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  • Call and get a description of him and what he's wearing. When you get to the restaurant go in, if he's not there wait for him, he shouldn't be late, let him pull the dinner chair out for you. Memorize questions you want to ask him so if there are silences you can keep the convo going.


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  • its best if you just wait in your care because what if you wait in the restaurant and he never show up? and also try not to talk to much..rather let him do most of the talking but do show interest in the subject that is been explain.

  • Get there early and sit down then he will have too look for you, im sure he is having the same anxietys


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