I called her and she said she'd call back later?

So I got this girls number a couple days ago. I had never seen her before and I just randomly started a convo with her. We talked for over an hour and then she gave me her number. And she texted me later saying she saved my number.

Well I called her a little bit ago but she was at a college sports game. I asked if it was her and she said yes, then I asked if she remembered me and she was kinda excited and said yes. Then I asked how her weekend was but then I really noticed the background noise and asked if this was a bad time to call and she said she's at a game but asked what's up. I said how I was wondering if she would be free early next week to go out and she said she would call me back... I just said have fun at the game and said bye but she didn't hear and stayed on the phone for a few more seconds and said I'll call you back again and I said have fun again and she said alright (maybe she said bye) and hung up.

Well the game has been over for an hour and still no call. I don't know what to do. It was hard to hear for sure what she was saying but she seemed happy to hear from me. I mean, she answered the phone while at a college game! What should I do? Obviously wait and see if she calls, but if she doesn't, when should I call back?

The game has been over for 2 hours and still no call. Did I mess up, or what should I do? How long should I wait to call back again?

Girls: would you answer the phone if a guy you didn't like called you during a game? You would be out with friends and it is super loud.


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  • She might still be out with friends. I know that my friends would feel pretty irritated if I called a guy back in the middle of hanging out. They would hate that. So she may just be waiting to be done with friends or she might be worried that it's too late to call you now that she's done with her friends. If you haven't heard from her tomorrow, just send her a text that's like, "Hey you, how was the rest of your night?" She'll text you back and probably apologize profusely for having not called you back tonight.

    • Assuming she actually like me. I mean, does it sound like she does? Be honest lol, don't just say yes to make me feel good :p

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    • OK cool. If she doesn't call, when should I contact her next? Text her tomorrow night asking how the rest of the night went? Or should I call on Monday or Tuesday, or what? Last question, I promise :)

    • It's totally chill. I know how stressful things like this can get. Especially when you're really interested. Just text her tomorrow night and ask her how the rest of her night was. :)


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  • Well I say wait until tomorrow until like 6 and just say how was the game? That way you don't seem like a creeper. Whenever she responds it'll probably say something like it was great! then you say that's good so are you free to talk right now? if she says yes then call her.

  • She could have gone out to eat or hung out with friends afterward. Give it some more time. When she repeated that she'd call you - that gives it away that she really likes you. If she didn't like you, she wouldn't have even picked up!

    • But it's been 3 hours since the game has been over though. Don't you think she would have found time to call back? But I see what you mean...she easily could have just ignored the call. But the thing is after I asked if she would be free or not is when she said she would call back so maybe she is uncomfortable going out with me...ugh I know I'm overthinking it but still

  • Ok so maybe she mention like tomorrow or lime what time is it where you r

  • If she kept up the conversation she likes you. Call back in an hour, she could just be with friends1 :) Good luck! :)


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  • How are we supposed to know? I wasn't there, or know your guy's personal history to make a judgement.

    Though from my experience alone and watching others, most people that have said, "I'll call you back later/make plans etc later," haven't Not sure why.. Some might forget and some might intentionally be playing hard to get, or just plain not interested.

    If she likes you back, I'd probably just wait a bit longer.. Maybe a day. If no response, initiate a conversation with her again through texting/calling.

    If she says the same thing again and never gets back to you, I would cease initiating conversations with her.

    • If she wasn't interested why would she have answered in the middle of a college sports game when she is clearly busy...and probably with friends? And why would she repeat herself saying she would call me back?

    • Well, the same thing happened to me. I was talking with this girl over winter break that I had a class with the previous quarter and had a crush on her for a year.. We planned on hanging out before witner quarter started, a month ahead of time. I gave her heads up like twice.. And on x-mas eve, she messaged me on FB saying that she would message me soon about "planning on hang out stuff." Guess what.. That never happened, and we never hung out the weekend. I don't know what her deal was..

    • continued:

      She ended up blowing me off to hang out with her girl friends for a girls night out, the weekend before winter quarter started. So yeah, that really pissed me off, and I asked if she wanted to reschedule it the week later, but then I took back my word. I backed off after that, and now she has been getting my attention since.

      So I don't know man.. It's up to you. You can wait for her to respond back to you, which may or may not happen. Or call/text her a day after.

  • Give it time dude. I wouldn't push anything until Monday night and just shoot a text saying how was the game. Let her do a little chasing too. She saved your number and picked up and was excited, so you definitely have a chance. Let her have fun, you don't want her thinking she is being smothered before there is a relationship.

    • well I'm def not doing anything tonight. But is tomorrow night a good time to send a text? You say Monday but I'm the most impatient person in the world

    • Like I said Monday. She's more likely to feel bad about the situation rather than wondering why you haven't hit her up again.

    • does her answering in the middle of the college hockey game give a huge hint about how she feels? It just sucks that the convo got awkward because I neither of us could hear each other well, but she did say she would call back later a couple times so that's good I guess because if a girl I didn't like called me I wouldn't answer to start and if I accidently answered I wouldn't sound excited and I would just say I'm busy and not say anything more...

  • She would have called after the game, if she had been interested.

    Or she's playing hard to get, and then, should you pursue ?

    • Well she answered in the middle of a college sports game when she was clearly busy. So doesn't that hint at something? Like that she wanted to talk. And she said she would call back twice so yea...and if she accidentally answered she would not have asked what's up, she would have just said she's busy.

    • Perhaps she wanted to answer at this time. Who knows what could have been on her mind at this very moment. All I know is that when I say "I'm calling you back", I do it...

  • dude it been what 12 hours calm down a little. she could be busy during the day. I would give it a day or two and see if she calls you back.

    • Well it's been the time after the game and the morning since then. Wouldn't you think she would have found time? Just my way of thinking. I'm still trying to stay positive here though

    • calm down... is all I can say your complaining about not getting answers on your other question it was asked 3 hours before I answered this one in fact it had not even left the first page yet...

    • I do agree with Anonymous User. Whatever you do, don't freak out There are times that girls really are busy and can't get to you. She should get back to you a day later at least, MAX. If not, then I don't know.. Maybe she's playing hard to get, which is really annoying.. Or she could like someone else more, and is weighing her options. I dunno. I personally wouldn't respond back to her, until she makes contact with me. Bigger risk, but she's the one who is responsible for "her word."