What's "coming on too strong?"

I saw on Big Bang Theory that Leonard had admitted to coming on too strong with Priya but I'm not sure how exactly he did that. OK, so, maybe telling someone you love them right as you meet them isn't really a good idea but..how else can you "come on too strong"? I don't understand..


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  • Whenever I say a guy is 'coming on too strong', it's because of things like: he texts/calls way too often, says things like he adores me when we just barely started talking, asks me if I missed him if we don't talk for a little while, etc.. Basically it's when you show attachment way too soon in a relationship. When a relationship is just starting out, don't act like the person you're dating is the single most important thing in your life...I like to know that guys have friends and other priorities so he's not just depending on me for his happiness.


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  • I agree with everyone here who has commented. plus it's leonard we are talking about hahaha. he honestly want to love a girl who will love him back, kind of like what happened with Penny. ...Sheldon on the other hand is over analytical about everything, so he would the complete opposite of that

  • When you tell someone you love them and will move to India after having sex with them a couple times with no meaningful relationship foundation...yeah, that is coming on too strong.


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  • He told her maybe he could get a job in India. This was like after they had sex for the second time.

  • coming on too strong could mean many reasons...

    texting too much, asking to hang out too often, trying to hard, excessive flowers,

    excessive gifts, admitting love to fast etc...

    too many meanings to it ^.^