Am I texting her too much?

So I went on a date with this girl and it was great and she had a good time. I don't wanna mess it up by texting her too much. So girls, at what point do you think a guy is texting you too much?


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  • If I don't respond to text and he keeps texting me or if he doesn't give me time to reply. That can get annoying and it all depends if I like him as well.

    The guy I am dating now...I love when he texts me. I anticipate it and wait for it. He texts me everyday at least once a day if not more. Either in the morning when he gets up or at night before bed and we chat just about every day or so. We have some form of contact...but we have worked up to this.

    I would say not to over do it on the texts in the beginning. Allow her for that anticipation, but text her just enough to get excited and show your interest. You will have to play it according to the relationship. 3 times a week sounds good for initiating texts...but always reply to hers to show your interest. Mirroring her communication is a good suggestion. If she text cute short messages you do in kind...long ones only if you have something to really say.

    The text..."Thinking of you" is always nice when it isn't over used.

    This is the exciting and fun stage...enjoy it!


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  • I'd say judge it by how much she texts back and how long the conversation is when you talk. For me, texting everyday isn't too much, but maybe text a few times a week and increase it. In this kind of situation, I'd say think about how often you think of her (without promting) and text a similar amount :)

    • Problem there is, I personally always think about the girl I am crushing on, it is near impossible to get her out of my head ;)

  • Text two or three times in a week. If she doesn't respond to them, don't bother. If she does respond and seems interested, increase texts slowly to once a day. Maybe skip a day to see if she texts you first, because she will eventually do it first if she's interested.

  • i love receiving texts! However, only text if you actually have something witty/cute/significant to say. if the texts are like "so...what's up" (one is fine, but if there are a couple of these meaningless texts, then it's better to cool off)

  • There's no set number for me, it just depends if I am attracted to the guy or not. If I like him and our conversation is going well I want him to text me all the time :) also sometimes its more flattering to you if you back off the texting a llittle, it'll make you appear to be busier/have a life which in my opinion makes you more desirable


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  • You're asking if you're texting her too much, yet you haven't told us how often you text her back?..

    Anyway, there isn't usually a set number. You can text a girl 7 days a week, a couple times a day. But make sure you don't send more than one text at time to every reply she texts back, on a regular basis. Also, try to keep them around the same length as hers, or shorter. Don't send long texts very often.

    kind of texts you can send her: You can ask her questions like Just a simple, "how was your day?" is something I've noticed girls love to answer. Also questions trying to get to know her more. But don't ask questions too often either, and I would usually refrain from asking the same question twice--if she doens't answer the question.. Unless it's uber important.