Hiding the fact that you're dating someone?

Please be honest! If you're trying to hide dating someone that you work with or hang out in a common public place with (that everyone knows you at) would you REALLY be able to hide it? Not flirt? Not be obvious?

I believe that no matter what, you physically can't help it. Like you're always flirting, smiling, staring into each others' eyes. Please tell me your thoughts and be honest!


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  • Possible? Depending on the two people involved, yes.

    But it isn't easy, and there is plenty of potential for things to go badly.

    NEVER date someone in the same department as you work, and DEFINTELY never date anyone in your chain of command, especially a direct supervisor or direct report. That can go beyond being fired, and into "legal problem" territory.

    • The situation I actually speak of leans towards the local public place that everyone knows everyone. And, alcohol is involved. So my question still stands, are you able to hide it?

    • When alcohol is involved, all bets are off.

    • That's what I thought. This girl has been spreading rumor that she's dating a guy I like but they don't flirt, even When buzzed. She knows I like him and I think he likes me because he flirts w me and not her. It's he and I that can't help but flirt.


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  • It's possible but the situation is a call for trouble, in a job context.


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  • Yes it's possible, as long as you remember there two separate things

    • I guarantee that if you asked someone close if they could tell or knew, they'd tell you that you were VERY obvious.

    • Not always, some people don't show affection very easily or often at work

  • I wouldn't try to hide it. What would be the point?