Should I go out with him or not?

I am 26 got married right out of high school and have been divorced for almost 3 years. So I have never really been on a date. I just met this guy through eharmony and we have been talking for a week and a half. We have talked on the phone, become FB friends, texted etc. and we have really good conversations. I am very self conscious I would like to weigh 80 lbs less than I do currently and I am working on that. He asked me to dinner and a movie this weekend and I do not know whether I should go or not. I am afraid of rejection, but at the same time he has seen what I look like so we are past that right? Should I just suck it up and go? Or do I lose the weight, lose the guy and go out when I feel better about myself?

Went out with him, went amazingly well. Thanks for the encouragement! :)


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  • I'd say if he knows what he is getting already, then you should go. It would be different if you had pictures posted that were years old when you looked different than now. Some guys don't care a whole lot about a little extra weight. Most guys would think that thinner is better, so if you want to lose the weight, then just do it and then you know if you are still dating him, that he liked you when you were maybe not at your ideal weight. In my experience, most Americans just eat too much, period. I have heard that if you simply don't eat anything after 6 P.M., you will lose some weight that way. Unless of course, you eat more at 5:30 to make up for it.


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  • I think you should go for it. You seem to be comfortable talking to him and he seems to be into you for you. If you are comfortable talking to him and you are ready to start dating, do it :)


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  • i think you should go for it ... go meet the guy, be great, be beautiful, be YOU... as he saw you before, the I think he likes you the way you are, but work for loosing weight anyway, he'll even like you more, you don't have to be unconfident on yourself, because we (women) are greaaat ! ;)

    GOOO FOR IT ;) !