Would this be weird?

Is getting his number from someone else and texting him weird? Because my one friend says he will love it that I spontaneously texted him, and my other says that it would be creepy/desperate/stalkerish? Both are pretty good with the guys so I don't know who to believe. And I am friends/flirty with this guy we just don't have each others numbers.


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  • I'd go the direct route and tell him he should text you sometime. Personally, if a girl got my number without asking, I'd be a bit annoyed. That doesn't mean I might not forgive her, but still, respect a man's privacy. How would you feel if there was a boy that you may or may not like starts texting or calling you out of nowhere? Wouldn't that make you feel awkward?


What Girls Said 1

  • Yessss, that's a little weird not going to lie! If you really like him, and it's going to work out, it must happen slowly but at a nice pace I suppose. Hard to explain. BUt regardless DO NOT TEXT HIM!