It is obvious this is a date, right?

So long story short, I met a girl a week ago. We are going out tomorrow for bowling and then food after. We are both in college and are going out at night. Is it obvious that it is a date? Would the girl ever assume we are just "hanging out" as friends if we have only known each other for a week? And when we met, we talked for over an hour

What do you guys think?

Also, if you want to answer this...we set up the "date" on Sunday. The date is Thursday. Should I have texted her something in between Sunday and the time of the date? Like should I text her tomorrow about something or just wait until the date night and text her then about how we are meeting up?


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  • Just be yourself if she said yes about hanging out with you then she's prob interested. Take it slow don't do anything stupid like what theses stupid bitches say down there VVVVV. Just try and hold hands and maybe if she likes how its going you could end up with a kiss or more at the end of the night.


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  • Yes it is obvious it is a date. If she tells you that she thinks it is just hanging out it is because she doesn't want to look too keen.

  • better just finger her

    • Great idea! Thanks for your insight...

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  • You need to playfully touch her and eventually kiss her during this outing. Then there's no doubt. Until she kisses you, you're still working to attract her.