Ok... so I asked him out.... how to avoid awkwardness?

Alrighty.. LOL!

First, I told him I needed to talk to him a week ago and today he reminded me and was like, "You had to tell me something?" and I'm like, "I'll tell you later." I needed to ask him alone. We're in this meeting together and at the end he kind of nudged me again and I was just like, "give me a minute" lol-- I was nervous to ask him out... and I kind of dragged it on a little... But then everyone is outside about to leave and my friend and I usually go out afterwards... and I was like, I just have to talk to him first.. and she was like okay... So then him and I separated from our group and he's like looking down and I was like "I wanted to ask you this before, but I wasn't really sure how you'd react... but do you want to go out sometime with me? Just us two?" and he looked very surprised and he turned red... and was like "Ok when?!" and I was like "I don't know, whenever you want? I'll get back to you." And he said he'd let me know when he was available.. and I think I made things awkward. And I don't want things to be weird. But he knows I like him now...

I kind of want him to plan the date... Is that okay? I know he likes me, but was always shy to make the first move... So I did it... I was scared as hell... but I did it. Any advice on moving forward?



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  • You are awesome!

    Especially in work situations, it can be kind of sh*tty knowing as a guy that you have both the burden of making all the moves and the risk of crossing a line or missreading signals. It can be refreshing to be asked out.

    If he's shy, be encouraging. You can't be expected to make every first move. I'm sure you want romance and to be pursued. But, you can give him clear signals (some guys need to be hit over the head): touch him, smile, tell him you have been looking forward to the date.

    I'm happy for you, good luck!


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  • why don't you plan the date? now you know the burden, chore we guys go through

  • glad to hear some girls initiate


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  • You did ask him out, so you should come up with an idea out of fairness for the first date. This is really cute.~

    • thanks, I know I should come up with the date... I initiated, I should follow through! lol..

  • you should plan it since you asked him

  • meh you'll be fine... you both seem awkward, you just have to deal with that for a while until you guys get more comfortable with each other in that sense